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8th-Jan-2010 01:38 pm - Pinstripes and Chocolate
I recently made this men's waistcoat inspired male corset for a friend of mine:


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I can't wait to see the photos of him wearing it! I really love the pinstripes and regret not buying enough fabric to make matching suspenders.
I also finished this chocolate vinyl underbust yesterday for a shoot for my website. I really love the chocolate vinyl and am in the process of making a matching neck corset for it. I might make bloomers for it too..not sure...


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8th-Dec-2009 01:21 am - Baby sewing Take 1
I just recently experimented with some baby sewing for my nephew's birthday! He's super cute and 1 already! Sooo cute. I made him some cute fleece pajamas and a hoodie and matching pants. I absolutely adored sewing mini clothing and shopping for cute fabrics. Unfortunately the fabric store I usually go to doesn't have a great supply of fleece or baby safe fabrics, so I had to make do with these. Overall I think they came out really nice.

Hopefully I'll see him soon and get some photos of him wearing these

29th-Nov-2009 11:35 pm - Mini Bustle!!
I just recently finished this Vanilla silk taffeta mini bustle for an etsy client. I really love the color, it's hard to see in photos but its such a nice vanilla sort of color. Not super bright white, but not quite ivory either. I think it came out quite nice and since I haven't been all that busy I also took the time to do the inside of the waist by hand. I never used to have the patience for hand sewing, but I appreciate how much cleaner everything looks so I've started to make more time for it in my garments. It does take longer but it's certainly worth it.

It's really motivated me to start working on my bridal collection, which has been put on hold for quite some time now. Now that I have a bit more time, I'm really going to concentrate on my bridal wear and accessories. I'll try and post photos of some of my progress with that soon. I've been working on the skirt mostly, but will probably get started on cutting the corset pieces out tomorrow.
23rd-Nov-2009 01:09 am - New York New York
I am home from my mini vacation in Brooklyn, Ny. I had such a great time at the Dances of Vice Shipwreck Ball. There were a lot of great costumes and performances and I'm still amazed by the incredible artwork and fashions displayed there by the vendors/contributors.
I really wish we had something similar here in Philadelphia!

21st-Nov-2009 09:36 am - Photo shoot!
I just recently had a photo shoot featuring some of my newer pieces. I've been trying to experiment more and make some slip dresses and cute boudoir attire. I'm still waiting on a few more photos, but these are my favs so far:

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11th-Nov-2009 09:47 am - Dances of Vice
I can't believe how quickly October and November are passing me by. Halloween was such a busy month for me and this month is shaping up to be the same. I'm looking forward to attended the Dances of Vice Festival next weekend. My Black Widow Tri Corn Hat and Black Satin Bloomers will be featured items in their silent auction at the Grand Shipwreck Ball!!

I've also been working on a few new styles to sell in my etsy shoppe for the holidays. I'm working on a Luxurious Satin Collection which will be mostly vintage inspired satin sleepwear. I've already posted two here and here. Much more to come soon.
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